⭐ Benefits:

– Help reverse the signs of aging after 1 month of use: Reduce sagging skin, prevent and eliminate wrinkles.

– Strengthen resistance, help your body achieve ideal parameters, bring in good shape and balance.

– Help bones and joints strong, support the body to produce hormone Leptin – good control of appetite, avoid eating too much to gain weight.

– Provides moisture to the skin, inhibits wrinkles appearance.

– Enhances skin moisture, prevents wrinkles.

– Helps shrink pores and makes skin smooth, pink and white every day.

– Promote endogenous Collagen.

– Provides vitamin C, copper, calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin B, helps fight wrinkles, protects against UV rays, antioxidants and enhances the body’s resistance.

– Helps moisturize and soften skin, treat acne, effectively anti-wrinkle, smooth skin


⭐ Ingredients:

– Fish Collagen peptide: 120,000mg

– 82 kinds of fermented fruits and vegetables: apple, banana, kiwi, sesame… (5.000mg).

– Hyaluronic Acid: 100mg

– Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, B2, B6: 330mg

– Cherry blossom extract (1.500mg);

– Shark cartilage extract:000mg;

– Hydrolyzed elastin solution: 500mg;

– Royal Jelly: 200mg

– Glucosamine: 1.000mg

– Camellia seed extract: 400mg

– Coconut water powder: 400mg

– African Mango Extract: 400mg

– Japanese Orange Extract: 120mg


⭐ How to use 82X Sakura Collagen

– Directly drink 15ml daily, should be diluted with 100ml water. The suitable time to drink is evening (9pm – 10pm)

– The most complete course is 3 bottles, equivalent to 3 months, then take 1 month off to absorb nutrients.

– After opening, preserve products in the refrigerator cooler compartment.

Made in Japan.