⭐ Benefits:
- Treatment of melasma, freckles, gradually fade brown spots and evenly colored skin, skin becomes smooth, rosier, female hormonal balance.
- Strengthen resistance, help your body achieve ideal parameters, bring in good shape and balance.
- Prevent oxidation, anti-aging cells, help the body to be healthy and prevent cancer.
- Repel the signs of aging, reduce sagging, remove wrinkles.
- A colloid combined with Collagen to form a bonding fiber mesh to shape skin structure and prevent sagging. Support for treating melasma, freckles and acne.
- Helps rejuvenate the skin, eliminates stress, clears aches and pains, promotes the digestive system.
- Balance moisture, prevent wrinkles.
- Provides vitamin C, copper, calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin B, helps fight wrinkles, protects against UV rays, antioxidants and enhances the body's resistance.
- Helps moisturize and soften skin, treat acne, effectively anti-wrinkle, smooth skin

⭐ Ways to use:
- Directly drink 15ml daily, should be diluted with 100ml water. The suitable time to drink is evening (9pm - 10pm)
- The most complete course is 3 bottles, equivalent to 3 months, then take 1 month off to absorb nutrients.
- After opening, preserve products in the refrigerator cooler compartment.

Made in Japan.

82X Sakura Placenta (Premium) 500ml