BE-MAX the SUN is a "drink sunscreen" supplement that you want women who aim for the glamorous beauty to keep themselves shining like sparkling sun. Seven ingredients, including olive leaf extract, pomegranate extract and vitamin D, were carefully selected for the main ingredient citrus fruits and rosemary leaf extract powder.

Ingredient 1: Citrus Fruit and Rosemary Leaf Extract Powder (Nutrox SunTM)

It is a material that has been jointly developed over 10 years by Dr. Vicente Mikol, an accredited professor of cell biochemistry at the University of Miguel de Miguel, Spain, and Monte Loda. Citrus fruits and rosemary leaves bathed in the sun of the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain create beauty that is not inferior to the sun.

Ingredient 2:Olive leaf extract (Oralis®)

An extract containing 20% or more of olive leaf polyphenol "hydroxytyrosol". Supports citrus fruit and rosemary leaf extract powder.

Ingredient 3:Pomegranate extract

An extract containing 80% or more of pomegranate polyphenol "Ellagic acid". We support a beautiful everyday full of transparency.

Ingredient 4:Vitamin D

One of the fat-soluble vitamins. Besides being consumed from food, it is a vitamin that can be produced in our bodies when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it is also called "sunshine vitamin".

No worries about side effects white

An ingredient not to be heard "Neutroxsan" is a rosemary leaf extract powder. This is a component that has been studied in Spain for over 10 years, and the antioxidant action works firmly in the body, making it difficult to produce stains and other effects. 

Bemax chong nang 30 capsules