1 Box have 30pcs for 30 days 

You will see the fast results only 5-10 days. Your skin will be SUPER GLOW, SOFT, and WHITE.
1. Made in Japan

2. Collagen is one of the essential ingredients to have a beautiful, smooth skin. Therefore, providing collagen to the skin every day is essential

3. Herusea Coresi Collagen is a drink liquid form, aim to provide an increase collagen production, helping to reach a beautiful skin!

4. Functions:

👉 Whitening skin from old dark spots and scars

👉 Improves skin complexion

👉 Help to prevent wrinkles

👉Tighten Skin complexion

👉 Providing fluid to arms and knees joints

👉 Prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol level

5. Directions

a. Use the product 30 minutes before bedtime.

Coresi Silk Collagen