Foellie was born on story telling of memory and scent from a famous great novel. People sometimes remember a beautiful memory with a special event. Each product is a way for you and your partner to recall sweet memories.
	White: sweet peach
	Brown: woody refresh
	Black: sweet and strong rose
	Pink: fruity
	Red: soft red musk
	XOXO Limited Edition: cherry
	NEW purple flowers: cherry blossoms
Blue: Fresh Sea

A bottle is 5 ml (0.169 ounces). The product will last you about 2-3 months.
	Evening primose oil
	Camellia oleifera leaf oil
	Argan oil
	Macademia nut oil
	Jojoba oil
	Sunflower seed oil

	Get rid of body or period smells
	6 vegetable oils help keep the skin healthy
	Attractive smell from your inner parts to keep the mood going.

	For daily use: Drop one or two drops on the underwear
	Menstrual period: Drop one or two drops on sanitary pad 

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