- Multi-use: Deep moisturizing for the skin, anti-aging, restoring sensitive skin, oil control, tightening pores, whitening skin and protecting the skin from toxic chemicals from cosmetics.
- Extract 100% natural ingredients, safe, suitable for all skin types, does not cause irritation to sensitive skin.
✔ Deep moisturizing for the skin
With smooth texture, high content of palmitic fatty acids, Forencos cream will form a moisture-locked layer, retain water deep under the skin to prevent evaporation, prevent dehydration and help skin stay smooth throughout the day. Forencos Whitening Cream helps to deeply moisturize the skin
✔ Restores sensitive skin
With abundant content of nutrients, the cream helps stimulate skin resurfacing, reduces irritation, itching. Sensitive skin, especially skin that has been peeling and weakening, will gradually be restored, healthy, with better resistance, good resistance against environmental damage such as sunlight, dust. dirty, polluted ...
Restores sensitive skin, increases skin resistance and protects the skin from environmental damage
✔ Effective oil control
Oily skin prone to acne, dry skin, rough, dull skin is a sign of dehydration, oxidation and lack of essential nutrients. Therefore, Forencos cream will help you moisturize, balance oily glands and help skin clear, thereby helping skin limit acne, bringing a smooth, healthy skin for you.
✔ Tightening Pores
The more oil skin has, the bigger the pores will be. So, when the oil spill has been effectively controlled, the pores no longer have to work too hard, they will gradually shrink, the skin will become smooth and supple.
Helps to eliminate wrinkles, tighten pores, so you will have youthful, soft skin quickly
✔ Brightening Skin
In the name of the product, "Tone Up Cream" means that after applying, the cream will help create a skin foundation, making the skin smooth and instantly turn on.
With this effect combined with moisturizing, when you use it as a foundation for makeup, the skin will be very "chalky", mold-free and naturally smooth all day long. At the same time, it also helps to smooth out uneven skin areas and brightens and brightens the skin day after day of use.
Evenly uneven skin areas while nourishing skin naturally smooth and radiant
✔ Protects skin from chemicals from cosmetics
Not only makes makeup more beautiful, with the formation of a protective barrier on the skin, Forencos cream also helps prevent the makeup layer from direct contact with the skin, protecting the skin from the effects of toxic chemicals. of cosmetics.
Protect your skin from harmful chemicals in cosmetics if you wear makeup regularly
✔ Prevent skin aging
From the age of 25, the amount of collagen produced will gradually diminish and the skin will begin to age, although the expression is not clear but you will still see that the skin is not as toned as before, by middle age, wrinkles and Darkening will be more visible.
Therefore, Forencos cream has concentrated very strong anti-aging nutrients for the skin. Helps eliminate free radicals, stimulate estrogen and collagen production, enhance cell regeneration.
After using Forencos cream, the face is smoother and softer the next morning. Wrinkles will disappear over time. Skin firmness, better elasticity and youthful fullness.
Pros of Forencos Wonderwerk Marula Tone Up Cream
100% natural ingredients, safe, suitable for all skin types, does not cause irritation to sensitive skin or problem skin.
The texture of the cream is light and thin, penetrating extremely fast and deeply into the skin without clogging, greasy.
The cream has a good level of water resistance, lasts a long time, does not get smudged when exposed to water, and can be used outdoors.
Natural cream color suitable for all skin tones.

FORENCOS WonderWerk Marula Tone Up Cream - DAY CREAM50 ml