Forencos Peptide Redensifying Intensive Cream Forencos Peptide Redensifying Intensive Cream is a brightening product from Forencos. The product contains a powerful combination of ingredients including Pro-Xylane, a formula that has been shown to moisturize skin and revitalize skin structure during the night to restore and wake up healthy beauty. of the skin, while reducing the signs of aging effectively.



The main ingredient of the product is Marula essential oil, which not only provides timely moisture but also helps to maintain long-lasting moisture for the skin, soothing to sensitive skin. Besides, Marula fruit is also rich in antioxidants (higher than Argan oil), so the product has the effect of improving wrinkles and slowing down the aging process for skin that is always youthful.


  • Nourish bright, smooth white skin
  • Calibrate evenly skin color
  • Supports darkening, melasma, freckles
  • Provide moisture to the skin always smooth
  • Replenishes energy to keep skin fresh and revitalizing tea
  • Nourish skin glossy natural stretch
  • Soothe sensitive skin


  • Clean the skin with Facial Cleanser
  • Apply Forencos Peptide Redensifying Intensive Cream at night to smooth into face
  • Massage skin gently for essence to be easily absorbed

FORENCOS WonderWerk Peptide Redensifying Intensive Cream - Night Cream