Genie No Gym Healthy Diet Korea is one of the most popular weight loss pills prescribed by a doctor and FDA approved. If you want to lose body weight and have used many drugs but not as effective as you want, you can try this product of Genie. Korean famous cosmetic company prepares weight loss lines according to each person's needs: Reducing belly fat, reducing body fat. In particular, Dietary Weight Loss Genie No Gym Healthy Diet Korea both reduces body fat and prevents fat accumulation, helping to lose weight sustainably without losing strength, fatigue, or making you debilitated.
Amount: 60 capsules/box
	Effective weight loss for people who are difficult to lose weight
	Promote the conversion of excess fat into energy
	Prevent fat accumulation in internal organs
	Increasing fat breakdown, inhibiting fat production enzymes
	Enhance metabolism, eliminate body fat, regain slim physique

	Take 2 capsules after breakfast
	Use daily until the ideal weight is reached


	Do not use for children under 15 years of age, pregnant women, nursing mothers
	If you are having health problems, or on medication, you should consult a doctor before use.


Genie No Gym Healthy Diet