Hebora is created by a special combination of rare natural ingredients: the essence of 4 beautiful flowers, Damask rose, Sakura Yoshino, Safflower and Evening Primrose, forming incense crystals. When absorbed into the body, these crystals will dissolve into the sweat glands, not only dispel body odor but also create the body’s scent from head to toe and even in the breath, beautify the skin from within, support glowing skin and anti-aging




  • Balance hormones
  • Promote beautiful skin, hair & nail
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-acne
  • Boost body fragrance & pleasant breath
  • Create self fragrance for the body with the natural, passionate fragrance of rose Damask
  • Hormonal balance, especially premenopausal.
  • Purify the body and dispel body odor and reduce endocrine discomfort.



  • Sakura Yoshino Cherry Blossom – create Natural Scent for the body, detox the odor effectively, stimulate collagen reconstruction and reduces the development of melanin and brightens the skin, smooth, gradually improving dark spots and darkening skin and repel the aging process
  • Damask roses with charming and passionate scent with high vitamin content, minerals help moisturize the body, protect the skin against UV rays and purify the body.
  • Safflower extract with high levels of vitamin E helps balance lubricant oil on the skin, reduce inflammation and limit endocrine acne, anti-aging, prevent skin dryness, improve elasticity on the skin and help fade away wrinkles.
  • Evening Primrose contains GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) – active ingredient to balance female hormones and ease the symptoms of premenopausal symptoms.



  • Who wants to maintain long-lasting, sustainable skin and youthful body
  • Premenopausal women, women with endocrine disorders, stress, postpartum stress, reduced sexual desire
  • Who with skin signs of premature aging, skin sagging or acne due to hormonal imbalance
  • People with bad breaths, or problems with body odor due to sweat


Recommended Use

  • Take 1 or 2 capsules daily with water or as directed by your healthcare professional
  • 30 minutes before meals or 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • Take before an important occasion 30 ~ 40 minutes
  • Can maintain a regular course, or at least 3 continuous bottles/year.



Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, store in a cool and dry places. Keep out of reach of children.

HEBORA Sakura Damask Oil - Fragrance of Youth (60 capsules)