Genie Paris Choi Hair Up Story serum 100ml from Korea - Reduce hair loss, stimulate thick, healthy hair



  • Stimulates hair growth thick and long quickly
  • Improves thinning hair, bald hair for all men and women
  • Reduces hair loss effectively after 2 weeks
  • Scalp care, pH balance, reduce oiliness, reduce dandruff, itchiness,
  • Give hair follicles a chance to grow
  • Supplements nutrients, vitamins for strong, smooth, shiny hair
  • The fragrance of natural essential oils gentle, pleasant



  • Black ginseng: Enhances hair darkening, stimulates hair follicle growth
  • Ganoderma phoenix: Nourishes hair follicle, stimulates hair growth
  • Bodhi: From the past until now, Vietnamese people often use locust to smooth, darken their hair, make them strong, especially to reduce breakage and treat dandruff.
  • Bitter grapefruit: Grapefruit essential oil reduces hair loss significantly, stimulates hair growth
  • Betel grass: Helps hair soft, deep clean
  • Fragrance: Helps hair to be soft, silky, and it also has a pleasant fragrance.
  • Knot umbrella: Helps black hair shiny and shiny
  • Vitamin B5 and zinc: Take care of the scalp, reduce oiliness and prevent bacteria, fungi that cause hair follicles to clog.


Target users:

  • Hair up story can be used for all types of men and women
  • Women who are pregnant, have a lot of hair loss after birth
  • Middle-aged men are sparse and bald
  • Postmenopausal women hair loss due to hormonal
  • People with thin, weak, brittle hair need healthy hair



  • Use in the evening, after shampooing.
  • Spray a few times on the scalp where hair needs to grow, allow to dry naturally
  • Use regularly every day to promote the best effect.
  • Keep tightly closed after using, store in a dry place, avoid heat, sunlight
  • Combined with a regime of rest, eat well, do not stay up too late, stress, ...

PARIS CHOI Hair Up Story Hair Growth Essence