- RIEN'A Makes Honest Products, Regardless of Cost.

- Raw Materials are also differentiated

- Cost Savings with Purified Water

- Application of Cutting-Edge Technology

- Betrayal of Processed Products and Processed Raw materials

- We Exclude Raw Materials Becoming Trouble Causes That May Occur Upon Long-Term Use of Processed Chemical materials

- It is mainly selling to Skin Care Shop and Plastic Surgery Hospitals in South Korea

[Product Information]
- Brand : RIEN'A

- Capacity : 15ml

- Type : All Skin

- Expiration Date : Fresh Product

- Features : Containing Safe Extracts of Natural Botanical Sterm Cell

                   Strong Pore Minimizing

                   Fundamental Wrinkle Improvement

                   Restore Skin Elasticity
                   Shrink the Depth and Reduce the Number of Wrinkles

RIEN'A Lift Eye Serum 15ml Korea